TROL agricultural thermometer

The agricultural thermometer measures temperature of hay, grain, root vegetables and other crops during storage in stacks, silos, piles and clamps.



It is a small, portable meter powered by a 9V battery that lasts for about one year of operation. It comprises a reader part and a solid, metal measurement probe on the top of which there is a temperature sensor. Both parts are interconnected with a cable.
The thermometer is equipped in a stainless steel probe that allows for easy measurement in stacks, piles, silos, etc. The probe with the reader is connected to the cable with the use of a jack plug.

Easy measurement
The sensor located on the top of the probe continuously registers changes of temperature.
After pushing the switch on button, temperature (in ºC) is displayed on the thermometer.

The device is produced with two types of probes:

  • 1.5 m (folded into two parts, 0.75 m each);
  • 3 m (folded into three parts, 1 m each);
  • other probe versions can be ordered at the client’s request.;

The set includes:
TROL agricultural thermometer, measuring probe (length depending on the client’s choice: 1.5 m folding / 3 m folding), 1 x 9V 6F-22 type battery, transport packaging, manual.

WARRANTY: 2 years.